Welcome to Fantail Studios

Passionate media creators sharing original stories to a global audience. This is the digital mission field.

Who we are

Fantail Studios is a media organisation that believes the Gospel message deserves a global stage. Through online communication channels, we are able to reach more people and places than ever before. Using media, we create and share captivating original stories revealing the love and hope of Jesus.

Meet the team

Jared van Berkel

Founder & Trustee

Before becoming a pastor, I had a full time career in television. It's through my experiences and the team we have built that Fantail Studios is...

Bruce Menzies

Media Missionary

Kia ora, I'm Bruce: a father, a husband, and a creator of visual art. This ministry is something God has been calling me into for years as I've...

Roanna van Berkel

Operations Manager

I joined the Fantail team as Operations Manager in October 2021. I have the privilege of working behind the scenes assisting the media missionaries...

Andre Powell


As the lead pastor at Cornerstone Church Selwyn, I’ve got a massive passion for seeing people impacted and communities transformed by the amazing...

Our Mission

Our purpose is to see the Gospel proclaimed through media around the world, so that the lost may be found and the found might be activated in their faith.

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Find the lost

Our content is designed to plant seeds, reveal truth, and display the radical love and power of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Gospel Message is the greatest message on the planet; and it deserves the biggest platform on the planet. Our goal is to take viewers on a journey of discovering Jesus.

Activating the found

Our shows inspire, empower and challenge Christian viewers to become active in their faith. We believe that Christ in us is the hope of Glory, but the world doesn't just need Him in us, they need believers to let Him out. The purpose of these shows is to help mobilize the body of Christ to be all that He designed us to be.

More to come

Our goal is to produce hundreds of shows at an international broadcast level. Filmed not only in New Zealand, but all around the world. Each project will be original and unique. Some shows will be a full 30-minute commercial length for television. Others may be as short as two to three minutes for social media.

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