A Journey from Darkness to Healing

March 22, 2024

Janelle's path from a tumultuous life to a place of healing and faith was punctuated by defining moments where God would reshape everything!

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The Living Room Season 3, Episode 3

Written by:
Fantail Studios
1 min

Janelle's path from a tumultuous life to a place of healing and faith was punctuated by defining moments that reshaped her understanding of love, acceptance, and purpose.

Growing up in Christchurch, she sought refuge in destructive habits, seeking an escape from inner pain. Despite brief exposure to a youth group's teachings about God's love, she felt unable to fully embrace the magnitude of the message.

At 19, she entered a toxic relationship marked by abuse and violence. Though the relationship ended, discovering her pregnancy brought a difficult decision—opting for an abortion rather than bringing a child into her tumultuous and destructive world.

Struggling with the weight of her choices and the dysfunctional patterns that defined her existence, she found herself in a moment of despair, hungover and distraught. Yet, in that poignant instant, she felt a profound shift—an overwhelming sense of love, acceptance, and warmth, breaking through the darkness. This was an encounter with the all-powerful love of God.

This divine encounter kindled a spark of hope within Janelle, leading her back to church where she made the life-altering decision to embrace Jesus.

Adopting her newfound faith, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Despite her involvement in ministry, she realized that deeper wounds and dysfunctional behaviours persisted in her life, and these would require healing.

Over the ensuing three years, Janelle permitted God to enter the broken places of her heart. Confronting fears, facing rejection, and invited God into the spaces that perpetuated her dysfunctional behaviour. Instead of suppressing these emotions, she allowed them to surface, seeking divine intervention for her pain. This challenging yet transformative process brought her a profound sense of vitality and newfound purpose.

In her vulnerability, Janelle grappled with the fear of being truly seen by God—messy, broken, and imperfect. However, each time she opened herself up, God met her with love, care, and compassion. Through these encounters, she discovered the transformative power of God's grace, realizing that regardless of her struggles' depth, God's love eclipsed them all.

For those navigating their own tumultuous paths seeking solace and renewal, Janelle's story serves as a testament to the redeeming power of faith and the all-encompassing nature of God's love. To watch the full episode and delve deeper into Janelle's journey, click "here."