Demons and rejection to peace and acceptance

February 9, 2024

Growing up in Fiji, Rozanne's world was veiled in darkness and fear. With the potential of being disowned, could God come through for her?

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The Living Room Season 2, Episode 4

Written by:
Fantail Studios
1 min

Growing up in Fiji, Rozanne's world was veiled in darkness and fear. Stories of demon possession and manifestations cast a haunting atmosphere over her family. When missionaries came one day and introduced Christianity's message, Rozanne resisted, closing her heart to their stories about Jesus.

Yet, a vivid dream would change everything. In this dream, she held both an idol and a cross. A voice urged her to let go of the idol and cling to the cross. This powerful dream shattered her barriers of resistance to Christ.

With a newfound conviction, Rozanne began to express her desire to attend church, but her family, especially her brother, vehemently opposed it. The threat of being disowned loomed, a harsh consequence for the pursuit of faith.

Unexpectedly, her brother stance softened. Not only did he allow her to attend church but arranged for a Christian neighbour, Panita, to accompany Rozanne. This unexpected support mirrored the transformative power of faith in Rozanne's life.

Stepping into the church for the first time, Rozanne felt overwhelmed by love that defied explanation. Tears streamed down her face—tears of joy, gratitude, and a deep sense of being embraced by God. This encounter marked a new beginning, liberating her from the darkness that once engulfed her life.

Rozanne's boldness in seeking Jesus despite intense family opposition, exemplifies the transformative strength of faith. In the face of fear and resistance, she found solace and love in Jesus—a testament to the enduring impact of His sacrifice. Her journey serves as an inspiration for those navigating their own spiritual path and highlights the power of faith to overcome obstacles and discover profound love.

To watch Rozanne’s testimony, click the link below