Embracing Redemption Through Faith

January 12, 2024

From rebellion to surrender, Garth's journey continued to reveale God's profound redemption plan. Run all he could, he could not escape God

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The Living Room Season 2, Episode 8

Written by:
Fantail Studios
1 min

Garth Chin-Poy's life once thrived on breaking the rules was the way to have the ultimate adventure. "We stole booze, dabbled in pot at school—I thought, 'This is the coolest thing.'" But everything would change when he encountered born-again Christians in Australia.

Initially resistant to their beliefs, Garth found himself contemplating the idea of inviting Jesus into his life. This internal struggle culminated in a fervent prayer, seeking a tangible sign of God's presence.

God's response was remarkable, shattering Garth's scepticism with a vivid spiritual encounter. In the dead of night, the intensity overwhelmed him. "I found myself chanting 'Eli! Eli!' feeling an inexplicable glowing sensation in my gut. I thought, 'No way, this can't be real.'" But the more he denied it, the more tangible and undeniable it became. This surreal encounter left him both terrified and inexplicably alive, acknowledging God's reality in his life.

Yet, even after this profound experience, Garth found himself running from God. As loneliness and a sense of worthlessness pushed him to contemplate ending his life, God would intervene with one simple yet powerful question:  

"What about me?"  

This divine interruption shattered his suicidal thoughts, leading Garth to surrender his life completely to God, seeking redemption and purpose.

In that moment of surrender, Garth experienced a profound exchange, feeling the weight of his burdens lift as he handed his life over to God. From that moment on, his life became a series of encounters with the divine, leading him toward freedom and an unshakeable dependency on God.

Garth's story echoes the unwavering presence and persistence of God, that no matter the distance one strays or the depths of despair, God stands ready to embrace and transform lives. Through his testimony, we discover that faith in God can ignite remarkable change, offering hope, healing, and renewed purpose to those who seek His love and grace.

Watch the full episode “here” to experience Garth's journey first hand and discover the power of faith in transforming lives.