Changing Lives

January 28, 2023

In June 2020 Fantail Studios launched an exiting new series titled "The Living Room". Watch incredible true stories of hope and be inspired

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The Living Room

Written by:
Jared van Berkel
1 min

The Living Room is a new mini-series of five-minute episodes on how God has dramatically changed people's lives.

While putting an episode together, I felt the Holy Spirit say that we needed to create a way for those watching and being impacted to continue their journey towards Jesus. After speaking with Lucky Te Koha, who featured in that week’s episode, we added his personal contact details to the show.

Within 24 hours he had received over 60 private messages and phones calls from people asking for help for themselves or for loved ones. That number grew to over a hundred by the end of the week.

Lucky has been able to connect with each person and, through his own ministry and background, is able to offer additional support.  

Releasing a life story each week online has proven to be so powerful, with thousands of people being impacted by these radical testimonies. From stories about being kidnapped, being a gangster, an addict, a dealer — this series shows that the love of Jesus Christ is powerful enough to heal even the most broken of lives.

The simplicity of a life transformed in the hands of Jesus is so powerful. There is nothing He cannot do.