The Amazon Adventure

May 4, 2022

Shot on location in Peru, Fantail Studios teamed up with 1Nation1Day for an epic adventure of discovery following missionaries down the Amazon River.

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Journey of discovery

Written by:
Jared van Berkel
2 min

In 2019 we headed to Peru, joining up with 1Nation1Day on an epic adventure down the Amazon River. Somehow, I managed to convince Josh (my big brother), to come with me. Josh has never really even gone camping before, let alone done something like this, so I was a bit nervous about how things would go!

Our mission was to tag along with 100 missionaries that we had never met, with our film crew that had never worked together before, and to add to it, none of us spoke Spanish.

Our hope was to capture miracles on film as they took place, to experience something new of the power of God and to come away changed.

I had a clear map in my mind as to how things would pan out, what would go wrong and what would go right. I don’t think I will bother doing that thought process again… As always, God surprised me, challenged me in ways I never saw coming and flipped the project on its head.

The end result? Well you can check it out for yourself! The Amazon Adventure is a really fun, entertaining and powerful journey into the unknown with the constant thread of God’s radical love woven through it.