May 4, 2022

Do you ever have moments that seem so crazy you know they must be of God? Discover opportunities to walk by faith in the unexpected.

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Dream big

Written by:
Jared van Berkel
2 min

Do you ever have moments that seem so crazy you know they must be of God, but you still wonder how it even seems possible? I had one of these moments recently.

One night I had a dream. In the dream, I was chatting with an older gentleman who was telling me I needed to go film in Africa for two months. I replied saying that was too long to be away from my kids, but I’d make a deal: I would come for three months if I could bring my family with me.

I woke up from the dream wondering if it was a “God dream” as it felt surreal.

A few days passed and I was at church enjoying the worship service. My mind started to wander from the lyrics (this happens more than I care to admit) and a thought suddenly popped into my head: wouldn’t it be great to film in Madagascar!

I’ve never been to Madagascar before, or to Africa at all for that matter. But I instantly agreed with the idea as it sounded fun. I’ve seen the kids' film with the singing lemurs, and they seemed pretty cool, so I was sold on the idea.

Later that day, I went to pick up a rabbit hutch that I had bought online for one of my children. After some polite conversation with the current owner, he asked what I did for a living. I explained how I pastored and led Fantail Studios.

To my amazement, he instantly asked if I would be interested in filming a TV series in Madagascar. He then started to unpack all the amazing work the Gospel was doing over there and told me about the organisation he was involved with.

I quickly realised that my thought during worship was not my own but had been planted by the Holy Spirit. I still don’t know how, or when, or what this will look like, but it is another fun God moment in the adventure of doing relationship with Him.