The Kenya Adventure

January 28, 2023

Two years ago, they were deep in the heart of South America, now the van Berkel brothers are back on another wild adventure. This time...Kenya!!!

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The Adventure Continues!

Written by:
Fantail Studios
1 min

Two years ago, they were deep in the heart of South America, traveling down the Amazon river, praying for the sick and getting up to enough mischief to keep us laughing all the way!

See The Amazon Adventure.

Now the van Berkel brothers (Jared and Josh) are off to Africa to team up with the world-renowned Derek Prince Ministries in Kenya!

Their mission is to retrace the footsteps of Derek Prince, who pioneered an incredible gospel ministry over 60 years ago, that’s still thriving today. As they go, they’ll witness the power of Jesus at work in orphanages, hospitals, prisons, bible colleges, cities, and villages. Years after Derek Prince’s ministry began, thousands of people are still receiving the gospel, being healed, delivered from demons, and trained for the ministry of Jesus Christ. This series is an adventure of discovery, legacy, power, and faith.

Set to touch down in Kenya along with the Fantail film crew this August, Jared is already excited, Josh is…less excited – he knows that following his little brother around the world means things probably aren’t going to go to plan – in fact, he suspects Jared doesn’t really HAVE a plan…