How does God work in even the most extreme emergency circumstances?

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Can Angels really protect us? Jennie shares her radical experience with God and his followers in the most radical of circumstances.

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Jennie's Story

How does God work in the story of every day people and even in extreme emergency circumstances? Are Angels watching over us?

Listen to the story of Jennie as she shares her radical experience with God.


I was brought up in a Christian family with my mum and dad and my brother. I enjoyed church when I was a kid. But through my teenage years and probably until my late twenties, I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore. I just sort of lived my own life.

I met my husband, Steven. He wasn't a believer. He was sort of on the fence about everything. One evening, my Dad rang up my husband a couple of hours before his church service. He said to him, "I'd like you to come and meet the new pastor tonight. Would you come?" My husband couldn't think of an excuse quickly enough, so he went.

The new pastor of the church had a word for my husband. He said to him, “You need to make some huge changes in your life because something massive is going to happen very shortly.” At that point, my husband knew there was something real there. He said his heart couldn't stop beating so quickly. He'd never had that feeling before, so he knew there must be something out there.

I had two boys, a four year old and an 18month old, and we had an awesome trip to Castle Hill Village. We had a Toyota Surf and it was filled up with skis and huge suitcases and portacots at the kids' feet. We were pretty much in Amberley when my husband said, "It's your turn to drive." So I hopped in. I started driving towards Greta Valley, and I just lost concentration on the road for a few seconds and I hit a culvert. I rolled the vehicle about five times up the road, and we landed about two metres away from a car that stopped.

All our gear out of our car was gone. It was all up the road for about a few hundred metres. Nothing was left in the car. Even the money in the coin tray was gone. We had a portacot at the bottom of the kids' feet and the only smashed windows were at the back of the Toyota Surf. And somehow that bounced up and over the kids' heads without hurting them. We had skis at the bottom of their feet and they somehow popped over their heads without even injuring them.

I wanted to get out of the car pretty quickly but they said, "No, you can't." Then I looked down and I could see my injuries. They got my kids and my husband out of the car. Thank God. They were uninjured. They weren't touched at all. They kept telling me that they were fine but I didn't believe them, of course. Because I knew that I wasn't okay. I thought I was going to die. So I kept telling God, "Forgive me all my sins" because I wanted to go to heaven. And then I switched, and said, "No, God, I really just want to get through this. I don't care if I'm in a wheelchair, I just wanna see my boys grow up." And after that point I just focused on keeping awake.

I had one guy supporting me. He hopped in the car and supported me, and he kept telling me there were angels around me. I didn't even see his face. He went behind me just to support my neck. He kept talking to me. He said, "You need to stay awake. There's angels here. There's angels here protecting you and your family." We were out in the country and yet we had a doctor on the scene straight away. We had a first aider on the scene straight away. There was a first aid kit right next to my head, but that didn't fly out the window. Everything else did, except that first aid kit right there.

I was rushed into ICU. I had to be monitored for 24 hours. I broke my C5, C6, and the surgeon said that my spinal cord was rubbing against my vertebrae. They warned Steven that it'd be quite unlikely if I would be able to walk again. I also fractured about three places in my back, fractured my skull, had lacerations all over my body, and had nerve and tendon damage in my hands. The surgeon said that it was actually a miracle that I'm here.

The walking was another miracle. The surgeon said I shouldn't be walking. But God was amazing. He got me through all this time. I was supposed to be in the hospital at least eight weeks. I had to learn how to walk again. But I was walking and out of hospital in two and a half weeks. We had lots of miracles on the way.

My husband was still sitting on the fence. But when he was in the hospital, he cried out to God. He said, "God, Jenny is Yours. You do what You need to do." And God was amazing. He had the Word For Today right next to Steven, and every day from when I was in hospital, it was about having a rollercoaster ride. It was pointed at Steven every day. He even had a dream where he saw these big angel wings around my children, in the car. He's never had dreams like that. So it was confirmation for him that there were angels there.

This accident was a real positive for our life. From this accident, now my husband believes in God. He has a relationship with God. He's an amazing man. For me, having this accident was a positive thing. It probably sounds quite strange for some people but, for me, now I know God is real because this is not a fluke. God's looked after me through this time. Looked after my family. They should be injured. We had skis, lethal weapons in our car, and the kids weren't touched.

I was glad that I had all the injuries. I think if any of my kids had the injuries, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. But for me, that was important because now I have a testimony to tell people. I can talk to my friends now that are non-Christians about God and what He's don for me. And they can't say it was a fluke or anything like that.

Back when I was a teenager, I knew God was real but I just didn't want a relationship with Him. And no way would I talk to my friends or other family members about God, because I was too scared of what they would say. But now I'm not scared because I've got proof that He is real.


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Release Date:
July 19, 2022
8 mins
Jennie Teece

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