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Expansion Project

God has provided the opportunity for us to expand internationally and create an expansion office in the US. Join us on the journey.

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Halfway through 2021 my wife Roanna and I received a prophetic word via email that set loose a chain reaction in our hearts. 

In short, it said that God was wanting to relocate our family to the USA for a period of time to grow and develop something that would not take root in NZ, but once it was growing it could come back and release many.

This word came to us after a period where Roanna and I had both been having a series of prophetic dreams about moving house. We didn't know what the dreams meant but it was part of the process that led us into a time of prayer and fasting. 

Not long after finishing the fast, we received this prophetic email. A dramatic series of events followed with multiple prophetic words from friends and strangers about God calling us to travel a great distance and how He was going to care for us during this time. 

As we progressed down this prophetic journey we felt that God began to make Atlanta in the state of Georgia stand out as the area we were being called to move to.  

After settling this in our hearts we then discovered that Atlanta has become the new Hollywood with potentially more films being produced in Atlanta than in L.A. 

The opportunity to plant a second Fantail Studios team in the USA is both exciting and amazing. 

Our current team based in Christchurch NZ is doing incredibly well and will continue to function and grow under the supervision of our key staff members.

However, technology has made leading teams via distance more achievable than ever before.  Making use of regular zoom calls and remote access into everyone's editing stations, I will still be able to offer direct project supervision and mentoring from the USA. 

After processing all of the prophetic words we had received and my own conversations with God I began to remember different times God had given me pictures about the USA when we first launched Fantail Studios. It became clear that He had been preparing my heart for this in the background for a few years. 

I believe that there is the opportunity for an explosion of growth both for Fantail Studios and my own heart that God will unleash once He has relocated our family into this new season. 

There are a few key elements that still need to fall into place before we can apply for visas and working permits. 

The first of these has already been achieved by having Fantail Studios recognized as a registered charity not only in NZ but now in the USA as well.

According to our immigration lawyer the best way for us to get access to the USA is to apply for visas as executives for Fantail Studios overseeing the USA expansion.

In order to be considered, our Fantail Studios USA charitable bank account needs to have a minimum of $100,000 USD so that immigration can see that we have the seed fund required for a ministry expansion. 

As this has been suggested as the "minimum" amount we are now faced with the exciting faith journey of raising at least $150,000 NZD as the USD is so much higher in value. However we have already seen God do the most amazing things when it comes to finances and I know that this is nothing to Him.

The rate in which He has blessed and grown Fantail Studios has been a source of great encouragement and also a challenge to keep up with Him and not give in to fear. 

I believe that it is in God's heart to rapidly grow this ministry as no one cares more about the lost or the broken than Him. I know that bigger challenges still await, but as always, God will prove Himself faithful. 

Partner with us now and see lives changed.

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