Supernatural Film School

Educational Programme

Fantail Supernatural Film School aims to train and equip content creators who are led by the Holy Spirit throughout the entire world.

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When Fantail Studios was first implanted into my heart, I had a vision for building six different studio teams around the world. But I knew this was still too small to capture and share the stories of God's love in action on a global scale. 

That's why when I recently received the vision for launching a supernatural film school that could also create its own global community, I knew I had a vision with the potential of organically raising up not just six studio teams around the world but hundreds and even thousands of them.  

The biggest part of the strategy for a USA Expansion relates to building this online Supernatural Film School. A school that anyone with internet access on the planet can receive training and equipping from. 

I believe that God is calling Fantail to raise a generation of film makers who are not only great content creators, but who can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and be led by Him as the ultimate Executive Producer. 

I believe that to achieve our mission of reaching a billion people a year across every major language group through media with the power of the Gospel, we will need film makers being raised up in every major language group all over the world.

With Atlanta now as the hub of the global film industry, this makes it the perfect location for making the necessary industry connections required for filming an online curriculum.  

In its most basic sense, the film school will act as a hybrid between an online film school and a digital supernatural school of ministry.

Students will grow their technical film ability and story craft while being discipled as sons and daughters of God, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and the mind of Christ.  

The school then doubles as a pathway into launching and growing a creative ecosystem where graduates can continue to be mentored, developed, and resourced all over the world in a way that is sustainable and scalable.

Fantail Studios will continue to journey with graduates and assist them in having their gospel content released through our broadcast platforms. 

This produces the rare opportunity for organic growth to take place on a very large scale, not only for the student but also for Fantail Studios. 

To train and equip content creators who are led by the Holy Spirit on a global scale.

Delivery: Primarily via online distribution through digital courses hosted by industry leaders, Zoom group mentoring, and a global digital community. Separate in-person, short intensive courses ranging in size and location may also be offered.

Targeted Demographics: While multiple course elements can continually be added there are two key demographics to target in the beginning.

The first is the “Entry Level” filmmaker who is wanting to learn the basics of film and TV production within an exciting faith-based environment.

The second is the “Experienced Content Creator” who is wanting to go from good to great while simultaneously accelerating their relationship with God.

Consistently we see creators who are producing wedding videos and corporate advertising campaigns but are passionate to see their craft used for something more meaningful.  

These courses will provide the runway needed to take their passions to a broadcast standard where their God-given dreams can begin to be realized.

It will also offer scholarships and resources for aspiring film makers in developing countries. 

Point of Difference: While most film schools only focus on the fundamental crafts of production, Fantail Studios seeks to not only teach the industry skills required but to also make disciples.

Once students graduate, they receive an invitation to be a part of the ongoing Fantail Studios Community which comes with a series of exclusive opportunities.

Fantail Studios’ Supernatural Film School's focus is raising content creators who have not just learnt their craft but have discovered their identity in Christ, are loving others well, can hear the voice of God, take God inspired steps of faith, and overcome adversity.

Outcome: Releasing skilled content-creators all over the world who are carrying a passion and conviction about their God-given identity, calling, and responsibility within the Kingdom of God.

Expansion - Graduate Fantail Community  

Once students have graduated, they are invited to join the Fantail Studios Community. Here they can network with other creators all over the world and participate in exclusive Fantail opportunities.

It is through this global community that the shared vision of reaching the lost and activating the found through media begins to become a reality.

Film Week: Taking place once a term, Film Week is an opportunity for graduates to focus their media skills into a given kingdom topic for seven days, resulting in a finished production.

Over this time, they will receive additional mentoring and peer review. Top creations may be accepted by Fantail Studios and passed on through their distribution chain to different broadcasters around the world.

Funding Grants: A portion of profits made from the school are held each year in order to be re-released as funding grants to graduates for projects that show extraordinary promise. Completed works may be accepted by Fantail Studios and passed on through their distribution chain to different broadcasters around the world.

Production Mentoring: Graduates can submit projects that show extraordinary promise to Fantail Studios and receive mentoring and practical support (at times on location) through every stage of the production process.

Completed works may be accepted by Fantail Studios and passed on through our distribution chain to different broadcasters around the world.

Equipment Hub: Graduates can apply to the Fantail Studios equipment hub for free hire of production gear and, at times, the donation of equipment for projects and ministries that show extraordinary promise.

Leadership Development: Graduates who, over time, show exceptional promise and leadership skills, can be invited into further professional development, where they can then join the Fantail Mentorship team, helping to oversee and support new graduates coming into the community. 

Over time, we envision growing this community of filmmakers to encompass thousands of creators all over the world.

Partner with us now and see lives changed.

Terms and conditions apply.


Read letters of endorsement from reputable organisations and key community figures in support of this initiative.