This documentary aims to uncover the uncomfortable truth that human trafficking is not just an 'over there' problem but an everywhere problem

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Human Trafficking

In 2021, it was estimated that 40.3 million people are victims of human trafficking.

That’s a staggering 1 in every 200 people on the planet. 19% or 4.8 million of these victims are taken for sexual exploitation with over 20% of these being children.

“Unseen” will shine a light across the globe to reveal the devastation of sex trafficking and the inspiring work of everyday people who are sacrificing so much to turn the tide, not just in nations far away, but also right here at our doorsteps.

We live in a fallen world, with broken people misusing their God given gift of free will to exploit others. While these innocent victims might be unseen to the world, God has seen them. Moving on the hearts of His sons and daughters, thousands of people around the planet have been activated to partner with nations in an effort to rid the world of human trafficking.

“Unseen” is a raw and gritty documentary that will give survivors a platform to share their journey, an opportunity for amazing organisations to inspire more heroes to the cause and to show the world the practical love of God at work through us as His hands and feet.

Our first major trip for this documentary is taking us to Thailand as we begin production and networking that will open more doors all over the world including the USA and New Zealand.

Our vision for “Unseen” is to capture the rawness of these stories while always keeping hope as the foundation. To do this, we will be connecting with incredible anti-trafficking organisations, law enforcement officials working with NGOs and survivors of trafficking, as well as former traffickers themselves.

We believe that as the world watches and experiences “Unseen” that not only will people be moved to partner financially with anti-trafficking organisations to help continue their incredible work, but that many will also engage with their time, emotions and energy to help turn the tide and show the world the practical love of God.

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