Trusting in God's Promises

December 29, 2023

Larissa's unshakable faith unveils unexpected blessings within God's perfect plan, guiding through uncertainties to divine revelations

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The Living Room Season 2, Episode 7

Written by:
Fantail Studios
1 min

Mitch and Larissa Gray dream of owning a home was filled with moments of uncertainty, yet through this, their steadfast faith and willingness to trust in God's plan grew their faith.

Amidst financial strain and bouts of self-doubt, God's reassuring words echoed, "I've got a home for you, for your family." Despite not securing a mortgage, God's promise remained unwavering, "I've got the perfect home waiting for you."

Embracing God's blessings, despite their inner struggles, led them to divine intervention. "God had a way to fill or provide for us... every need that surfaced unexpectedly, God had already prepared a solution,"  

Larissa reflected that God's goodness, wasn’t dependent on their worthiness. "His joy in blessing His children, is unbound by prerequisites or limits we have, but are simply out of His abundant love and grace.”

Larissa Gray's journey serves as a testament to the reassurance found in trusting God's plan. The unexpected beauty of His blessings, independent of human merit, and all rooted in His unwavering love.

To watch the full episode, click “here.”