What a week!

January 28, 2023

We had access to the Shine TV studio and their crew for one week. We managed to produce 20 SHOWS!!! Discover what you will be able to see next year!

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Shine Tv Studios for one week and what a week it was!

Written by:
Jared van Berkel
2 mins

Wow! What an amazing week!!

Thanks to some incredible help from ShineTV, one of our great ministry partners, we were able to set up shop inside the Shine Studios in Auckland - for a week - supported by their wonderful crew.

Along with a lot of planning and preparation, this empowered us to produce 20 new tv shows which will be hitting your screens early in 2023. 

The first few days featured a great talk show where Lucky Te Koha and I hosted a variety of gang leaders celebrating what God has been doing in their worlds in the lead up to the release of our feature documentary, ‘Mana Atua’.

After this we moved on to ‘Demons in the Doorway’. This is our supernatural series exploring the power of deliverance and were we also show radical footage of people being delivered from demons. Each of these deliverance moments are then unpacked by our panel of ministry leaders, teaching viewers not only how to access their own freedom in Christ but how to be used by Him to set others free.

Lastly, we finished off the week by showcasing a variety of Fantail Studios most impacting testimonies! This led to discussing the heart and call that God has for each of us to share our testimonies and to seek first His Kingdom. 

I've been super encouraged by how well everything came together and am incredibly grateful to Shine TV for donating the use of their studio, equipment, and crew to us for there's brand new series'. 

At the start of the week, I was wondering if I'd been crazy booking in such a large production plan so close to Christmas when energy levels are typically a little lower. However now that the filming is all done and dusted, I'm very proud of the team and how well both Fantail Studios and Shine TV were able to work together to create something great for the Kingdom. 

Watch this space because soon these new shows will start broadcasting not only here in New Zealand but allover the world as we continue to find the lost and activate the found for Jesus. 

I look forward to sharing these incredible shows and stories with all of you soon. To find out more about each of these initiatives as well as some exciting ministry development please visit our projects.