Greater Season 2

TV Program

Greater features expert panel discussions around real stories of overcoming some of the biggest issues facing our world today. There is always hope!

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Drama, True Stories, Panel Discussion
Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional Wellness

'Greater' features amazing life stories of how God has empowered individuals to overcome self-harm, anxiety, addiction, depression, and suicide. Short films are used to illustrate these stories, along with an in-depth discussion by a panel of leaders in emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

This mini-series shows us the variety of ways that Jesus leads us into freedom; from instant life changing God-encounters, to the piece-by-piece transformation that takes places over years. 'Greater' offers practical steps you can take towards your own inner health/freedom and the vital role that Jesus has in making that all possible.

Most of us have seen first hand how devastating mental unwellness can be, as it fights against a person's hopes and dreams. Statistics show how especially prevalent this is in our teenagers and young adults but how it is affecting every sector. 

It cripples people's potential, to the point where death can appear to be their last and only option. 

'Greater' presents the good news that people can overcome and triumph in their battles with anxiety, addiction, depression and suicide. 

Season One of "Greater" took us on a journey through abuse, trauma, pornography, and OCD. The testimonies we got back from people were amazing.

"'Greater' is excellent! Abuse & trauma are so prevalent. It is great to have a program that shows people truth, hope & that there is help."   Margaret
"I thought it would be harrowing details of abuse that I couldn’t bear to hear but it was very hopeful and encouraging and applicable advice to everyday situations as well as more serious ones... Awesome to see high quality kiwi content"    Ros
"Such a great series of courageous people sharing authentically about how God has empowered them to overcome seemingly impossible things. Keep coming with more!!"   Emily
"'Greater' was powerful. The testimonies of the two people in this episode were powerful. Those on the panel gave really helpful and great advice. I do hope there will be more episodes."   Yvonne

As you can see, the tools that were provided by the experts and the stories of freedom are already impacting the lives of so many people.

With Season Two, we will expose more areas where freedom is desperately needed, hear new life-changing stories, and welcome fresh industry leaders to our panel. We will also build further support material for those going through the issues faced in Season One & Two.

Partner with us now and see lives changed.

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