USA, Darren and what is a NAS?

February 3, 2023

There is so much to catch up on and I am here to fill you in on all the latest! America here we come but first a couple of other important details

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February 2023 Update

Written by:
Jared van Berkel
2 mins

This year has begun with and bang...

But the adventures are only just beginning!

On the 16th of February, I travel with my family (Roanna, Judah, Jasmine and Ruby) to the USA for a 3-month media ministry tour.  

During this time, we will be working with multiple ministries across a variety of states including Derek Prince Ministries, King Jesus Ministries Miami, and King Jesus Ministries Dallas, producing new TV shows, ministering in churches, running media workshops and building future kingdom partnerships.

This is all connected with our dreams of planting more Fantail teams in the USA as well as launching a full online supernatural film school.

To see more about both of these ministry expansions please visit our American Expansion and Supernatural Film School web pages.

While we are away, Darren Simmonds, who is a great kingdom media director, will be temporarily moving from Wanaka with his wife and two daughters and living in my home.

Darren has kindly accepted the offer to volunteer as the post-production supervisor for Mana Atua and will be leading the Christchurch team in my absence. My hope and expectation is that while I’m away leading the charge with Jesus for expansion in the USA, Darren and Jesus will be leading the charge with the team to finish this incredible film that began production over 2 years ago.

We have one challenge that I would love your help and prayerful consideration to overcome.

To empower the team to be editing Mana Atua together and to maximise their efficiency, we need to significantly upgrade our ministry's data storage potential.

Currently all our footage is stored across multiple external hard drives, and this can cause frustrating bottlenecks in productivity.

To fix this problem we’ve been advised by a consultant to invest in a custom-built Unraid NAS which will give our editors simultaneous access to the footage as well as increased editing speeds.

This essential upgrade comes with a $30,000 price, it is a significant investment not only into this film but countless other projects to come in our ministry's future.  

We’ve recently received a $5,000 donation to kick-start the appeal which is very encouraging. I would like to give you the opportunity to partner with us for this upgrade and if you would like to make a donation you can do this now via our giving page.

As always this is just an invitation with no expectation :)

2023 is looking to be an amazing year with incredible increase in what God is doing in and through this media ministry of His.

I can not wait to share more stories as the year continues of God's greatness!